5 Complete Ways to Move to BPJS Health Facilities, Online and Offline

It is very important to know the information regarding how to transfer health facilities in BPJS. Because BPJS itself provided convenience to BPJS Health participants who wished to transfer health facilities. Such as when you have to move your residence for certain reasons.

Relocation of health facilities is certainly necessary if participants change their residence. The aim is to facilitate access to the nearest health facilities. To find out the conditions and how to change BPJS health facilities, please read the information below.

BPJS Health at a Glance

Basically, the JKN-KIS program organized by BPJS Health applies to all Indonesian citizens. Including foreign citizens who have lived in Indonesia for at least 6 months and paid dues.

In this case, the validity of BPJS is divided into two types of membership. These are participants who receive health insurance assistance targeted to underserved communities, as well as participants who do not receive health assistance and who pay health contributions each month.

Health facilities covered by BPJS

Before discussing how to transfer BPJS Health facilities, you should first know which health facility or health facilities cooperate with BPJS Health. In this case, it can be divided into level 1 health facilities, level 2 health facilities, and level 3 health facilities, and the explanation is as follows:

1. BPJS Level I Health Facilities

Level 1 health facilities are health facilities located close to the participant’s home. In this way, it will be effective as a first reference when seeking treatment with BPJS Health.

The category of first-level health facilities includes community health centers, dental clinics, physician offices, Class D hospitals, and primary clinics. Apart from this, there are also ancillary health facilities such as laboratories and pharmacies.

2. BPJS Level II Health Facilities

A level 2 health facility in BPJS is a place for further health services after participants receive a referral from a level 1 health facility. One reason is that level 2 health facilities are more complete with specialist doctors available.

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3. BPJS Level 3 Sanitary Facilities

If Tier 2 health facilities are unable to provide the services and care that BPJS participants need, they may be referred to Tier 3 health facilities. Some examples of Tier 3 health facilities include general hospitals, major clinics, or equivalent and private hospitals.

Terms and Conditions for Transfer of Health Facilities BPJS

Regarding health facilities identified by BPJS Health, participants can apply for the transfer of health facilities. So how do you move to a BPJS health facility? In this case, there are several provisions that must be taken into account, which are:

  1. BPJS Health participants have changed their residence and this is proven by a certificate of domicile.
  2. BPJS Health participants are currently on formal assignment or undergoing training and are proven by a training certificate or service assignment.
  3. There is an uneven process of transfer or reallocation of participants, so they want to return to the previous level one health facility (FKTP).

The conditions necessary to apply for a BPJS health facility transfer include the following:

  1. JKN-KIS Participant Card to which the health facility will be transferred.
  2. Family card (KK).
  3. Residential, college, or job transfer certificate.

How to transfer BPJS health facilities online and offline

Basically, there are several ways in which you can apply to move to a BPJS health facility. It can be in person or offline and can also be online. For more details, here’s how to do it.

1. Via JKN mobile app

One way to transfer health facilities in BPJS Health is to use the JKN Mobile App. Here’s the process:

  • First download and install the JKN Mobile App.
  • Once successful, you can immediately open it and click Mobile User Registration.
  • Enter your JKN KIS card number and then fill your personal details in the form of NIK or KTP, email address etc.
  • After that, the activation number will be sent via email and this number will be used to activate the application.
  • If you have successfully logged in, simply click on the Change Participant Data option.
  • Then select the participant name of BPJS Health, the health facility you want to transfer to.
  • A pop-up window will appear later with the information “Change health facility first”, please fill in the required alternative health facility.
  • Wait for the process for a few moments until there is a notification that BPJS data has changed.
  • This method can be used for participants who move to level 1 health facilities for more than 3 months.
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2. Via Mobile Customer Service (MCS)

The next way to go to a BPJS health facility is via MCS or Mobile Customer Service. If you choose this method, BPJS participants can visit MCS on their scheduled schedule. If so, participants can fill out the FDIP (Participant Registration Form).

3. Through Care Center 165

Apart from using the above two methods, you can also use Care Center 165 clinic transfer service at BPJS Health. All participants have to do is submit data changes so that health facilities in BPJS can be transferred.

4. Come to the BPJS Health Branch Office

Another way to change BPJS health facilities which is no less easy to do is to come to the nearest BPJS branch office. The process of changing data is as follows:

  • Prepare the required documents such as KTP, Family Card (KK) and JKN-KIS Card.
  • If you arrive at the branch office, you can immediately take the waiting number available at the service desk.
  • Then fill out the FDIP completely according to the required data, and make sure that all data is filled out correctly.
  • Do not forget to fill in the health facility field with the required health facility.
  • Wait until the data change process is complete and then the employee will inform you if a change occurs in the health facility data.

5. Via the Public Service Center (MPP)

The last way to move BPJS health facility is to go to MPP or Public Service Mall for health facility relocation. Participants can fill out an FDIP form and then wait in line to receive the requested services.

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Tips and how to choose a BPJS health facility

To have proper sanitation facilities, there are several tips you should pay attention to. So before you decide to choose a BPJS health facility, you should pay attention to the following tips:

1. Choose the nearest health facility location

The first tip is of course to choose the location of the health facility closest to your home or workplace, so that it is easily accessible. This is very important, so that participants can receive treatment promptly, quickly and effectively.

2. Search for service availability information

The next tip is to look for information regarding the availability and quality of services at the health facility. Ensure that the selected health facility provides high-quality and professional services. One way is through references from friends, family, or online reviews.

3. Look for information about facility availability

The final tip is to ensure that the chosen health facility provides complete and adequate facilities so that it can meet the needs of patients. From laboratories, specialist doctors, inpatient facilities to radiology.

How to transfer BPJS health facilities is very easy because it can be done online or offline. However, the request to change health facility data only applies to participants who change their place of residence, work assignments, or training. The only requirements are JKN-KIS card, family card and residence certificate.

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